All Natural Massage

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End your cycles of pain & stress today!

Deep tissue Pain Away Massage

During your massage warm stones and aromatherapy come together to detoxify and transform your muscular & cellular health. Warm stones are held in the therapists hands, like tools, massaging with intent to gently lengthen or shorten muscles relieving the tension throughout your body & removing all your knots. This deep therapy pain away massage uses the warmth from the stones to provide you with extra firm pressure where you need it the most. Heal from old injuries and prevent new ones with this perfect blend of medical massage mixed with spa services for the ultimate pain relief. This massage is designed to restore your alignment & posture to help your body experience even wear and tear throughout all your joints, finally ending cycles of pain and tension from your head to your toes. Every massage is custom tailored with a specific intent for your exact muscular needs to help restore the stability & symmetry to your spine, helping old injuries heal. Specific care is taken to restore your center of gravity & help slipped disks, herniated disks, nerve impingements & back injuries finally heal back injuries. ­. . . finally heal. 

Sweedish Stress Away Massage

Discover relief from stress.
Your scalp is covered in nerve endings, focused massage on these muscles relaxes your entire nervous system leaving you calm, re-energized and stress free. Head & face massages are profoundly relaxing & healing, begin unfolding the layers of stress while your head & temples are massaged with warm stones to put your mind at ease. Sinus pressure, headaches & migraines feel relief with this therapeutic stress away massage. Relax into deeper layers of peace with a warm stone reflexology foot massage, then all the tension in your legs, arms & back is addressed and massaged away.  Finish your treatment while enjoying a stress relieving spa nap. As your therapist steps away, continue laying on the heated massage table while spa music is played