All Natural Massage

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 Servicing Women Only At our Baldwinsville & Geneva Locations

Pain & Stress Away Massage Packages


 four 60 min massages   Originally $320


four 90 min massages   Originally $440

Therapeutic Massage Pricing

All massages are customized to your individual needs and preferences. Complimentary warm stones & aromatherapy are included in every massage

$40  30 min Reflexology

$80  60 min massage

$95  75 min massage

$110  90 min massage

$160  2 Hour

-Jojoba Oil, African Shea Butter, Coconut Oil or Olive Oil are available for your massage.

-Enjoy a complimentary moist hot towel after your massage, before getting dressed.

-All massages are %100 professional and performed by NY state licensed massage therapists. 

- Come dressed in comfortable clothing, minimal jewelry & no perfume.  

-Come hydrated, be sure to drink plenty of water the day of your massage.

$40  30 min Reflexology

This massage to your feet focuses on your reflexology points that correspond with the internal organs of your body. Improve the health of your whole body through massage to just your feet. Includes a salt scrub and shea butter finish.

Detoxify with Raindrop    $80  60min

This massage to your feet and back uses a large variety of essential oils in a specific order for detoxifying your spinal cord tissue, improving the health of your organs & removes stress from the body. Raindrop Therapy combines aromatherapy, reflexology, massage and hydrotherapy to create healing and detoxification through structural and electrical alignment to the body. This extremely detoxifying and profoundly relaxing body treatment has antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Eliminate your stress today!

Maternity Massage

Change any massage to a maternity massage for no additional cost. 

Experience total comfort on a pregnancy massage table while lying safely on your belly during your massage at any month to ease the tension throughout your joints & low back.

Certified Pregnancy Massage Therapist with 15 years experience offers

Pre-Conception Massage (prepare your body for pregnancy) - 1st Trimester Massage - Pregnancy Massage - Massage During Labor - Post-Partum Massage - Motherhood Massage

Certified Lymph drainage massage therapist for the reduction of swelling in hands & feet.

Patchouli Scrub Massage

Why a scrub?

1. Reduces Stress

2. Removes Dead Skin Cells

3. Refreshes Your Appearance To Increase Confidence

4. Promotes Skin Hydration

5. Clears Blemishes

$110 Full body massage with a eucalyptus essential oil body polish with hot towels and a shea butter finish

.$50 15 min foot reflexology massage & 15 min back massage with a eucalyptus essential oil body polish with hot towels and a shea butter finish.

Massage Party

$200 4 guests  40 min massages

$100  4 guests  20 min massages

Massage parties are great for birthdays, weddings, baby showers & celebrations of any kind. Enjoy light refreshments as each member of your party goes off to enjoy their massage in our relaxing spa setting.

Customize your Massage

    CBD Massage Cream


Enhance your massage with extra pain relief. This professional grade CBD cream incorporated with your massage offers you the ultimate pain relief. 
%0.00 THC Hemp derived. 

Athletic Enhancement


Enhance your sports performance and training with an athletic massage enhancement. Change any massage to a sports massage. Prevents and treats sports related injuries.

 Heat Wrap


Remove Stress with this full body heat wrap designed for stress reduction, detoxification & improving joint health..

Body Polish

$5 Back   $10 Body

Exfoliate your dry, rough skin & shed a few layers of stress with a body polish.  First, exfoliating salts are massaged onto your skin. Then, moist hot towels dissolve the magnesium rich salts into your muscles. Finally, a massage with an African shea butter finish leaves your skin super soft

Fibromyalgia Scrub

$5 Back    $10 Body

 Sooth and relieve your sore achy spots with a magnesium salt scrub added into any massage. The healing minerals go into your deep muscle layers to remove lactic acid, relieve your joints and reduce soreness providing you with comfort.

Flu & Sinus Relief


Anti-viral essential oils are powerful germ killers on contact. Enjoy a sinus soothing massage, hot moist towles & an anti-viral essential oil steam bowl to kill bronchitis, sinus infections, respiratory illness, ect… overnight! Wake up the day after this flu relief treatment feverless and on the mend.

Bridal Treatment


Enjoy a lavender scrub and hot moist towels while your therapist effortlessly corrects your posture with our bridal treatment massage enhancement. Prepare for your big day by broadening your shoulders & visibly improve your posture. Leave with muscle balance and symmetry throughout your shoulders.